West Pier Subsidence, Foynes Port


Shannon/Foynes Port Company (SFPC)
West Pier Subsidence, Foynes Port

Project Summary

Niaron were retained by Shannon Foynes Port Company to complete the remediation works to the subsided area to the West Pier.  
The works involved:
  1. Installation of micro piles through the quay wall.
  2. Installation of Tubular piles through the deck to rock.
  3. Construction and installation of concrete beams.
  4. Associated Ducting and drainage works
  5. Installation of concrete deck and wall
  6. Stone Masonry
Early Design Interaction
The project did not commence on the proposed date, as there was a number of design issues to be resolved. Niaron engaged early with a Temporary Works Designer (TWD) to ensure the constructability of the proposed remedial works could be constructed. At this stage, our TWD questioned the works methodology set out in the contract documents and proposed an alternative design to mitigate the Health and Safety risk on the project. Due to this early interaction with the Temporary works Designer, Niaron were able to offer a superior design which mitigated the Health and Safety risks associated with the project.  
As part of our construction methodology, Niaron monitored the movement of the wall twice daily. Initially this raised high concern as from the first few days we noticed big movement from the first to the second reading. We were eventually able to associate the movement with the moving tide. The tide movement from low to high tide resulted in movement of the point up to 4 mm.
The project was managed from start to completion by Brian Collins.   All personnel all site preformed to a high standard. All quality and health and safety requirements were achieved.
All check were completed adequately and all plant which came to site performed as required.
Acknowledging the local interest in the marine wildlife, Niaron decided to take extra precaution during the construction of the project.Before the commencement of the project, Niaron trained Management personnel for Marine Mammal observation An observation was set up prior to commencing the piling every morning. There was no siting of any mammal in the exclusion zone. On completion of the project, Niaron learned from local knowledge that mammals do not enter that area anymore due to the bigger ship coming into berth.