ESB Networks

ESB Networks were endeavouring to develop a user friendly mobile generator transportation and deployment system to suit our particular network requirements.

In Nairon we found a supplier who had in-depth knowledge of transportation, site set up and control systems, who also connected well with our operational staff and who fully understood our operational and in particular our, safety requirements. Niaron, working with front line ESB Networks operations staff, developed and implemented a top class user friendly transportation and site control system that has now become the standard approach used for mobile generator deployment in ESB Network.

This system enables ESB Networks progress with extensive network asset replacement work with little or no electricity outages for customers. Niaron for the service provision aspect are very professional and top class. They are very approachable, continually engage with ESB Networks site staff, contribute well to problem solving and good listeners.

They played a significant part in supporting ESB Networks to improve its own operator technical competence in relation to controlling and resolving mobile generator site issues (logistical, pedestrian, traffic, terrain/environmental management) and limiting customer electricity interruptions.