Niaron Management are constantly updating our action plan in relation to COVID-19 and its potential impact on our employees, Clients and the wider community. 

We have kept our Employees up to date with COVID-19 information over the past month with advice and information sent to them through emails & text so that we can all protect ourselves and each other so far as is reasonably practical.

We have implemented widespread hygiene protocols across our company in order to keep our employees & clients safe.   These include mobile handwashing facilities in our vans, handwipes to wipe down all door handles, steering wheels etc.   We have put our full fleet of vehicles into use so that no more than 2 people travel together in a van.   Our office staff are working within social distancing guidelines and are working from home wherever possible.   

We will continue to adapt our protocols as per HSE guidelines and best practice but please note as we supply emergency cover for ESB Networks you may continue to see our fleet on the roads.   Please note that we will do everything we can to protect against COVID-19.