Covid-19 – Essential Services

Covid-19 – Essential Services

Niaron Ltd are contracted by both ESB Networks & Shannon Foynes Port Company to carry out works which are essential services.   This is not work that we can do from home. 


Please be assured that our activities will be minimal and will be in line with the Government Restrictions issued on March 27th 2020.   We will continue to follow all Government, HSE & CIF advice in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


The health & safety of our employees are of the utmost concern to us.   With that in mind we have worked extensively over the last number of weeks to develop our Safety Management Systems in order to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on our employees.


We have kept our Employees up to date with COVID-19 information over the past month with advice and information sent to them through emails & text and have implemented several improvements to our Safety Management Systems in order to comply with HSE & CIF guidelines to assist with Infection Control on our sites & with our Employees.


Following the request from the Government for people to stay at home and only travel if essential we have provided our Employees with Letters from our Clients & our Company so that they can produce this to the relevant Authorities where requested.


We will endeavour to keep our activities to a minimum and in line with the instructions from our Clients and within the relevant Guidelines from HSE & CIF,  however should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Ronan Keane (Director) & Manager of Covid-19 Action Plan for Niaron Ltd on 087 9297085